Why We Practice ‘Bright Spots’

Bright Spots …successful efforts worth emulating.

Chip & Dan Heath // Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard

The term Bright Spots (popularised by Chip & Dan Heath in their book Switch) refers to deliberately directing our attention to something going right so that we can replicate it. It’s easy to focus on the negatives, the things that aren’t going well, the things that quickly draw your attention. But focusing on the negatives takes away from all of the good things that are happening. We keep looking to fix things going wrong and consistently ignore things going right.

Here’s what we know about motivation

  1. Motivation is born from success – success has to come first.
  2. Success has to continue to sustain motivation.
  3. We’re not very good at acknowledging success when it happens. We’re naturally very hard on ourselves.

By actively observing and acknowledging what you’ve done well or are currently doing right can help lead to higher levels of self-motivation. Continue to build on current success. 

Celebrating Bright Spots provides direction rather than motivation. Motivation is rather general, but direction can be very focused. It’s this focus that can drive you towards further success.

Here’s the exact post that can be found in our Private Facebook Group.

The practice of thankfulness doesn’t come naturally to many people. It’s hard, takes effort and we often just don’t feel like it. That said, once we share what we’re thankful for, we feel better about ourselves.

Friday Bright Spots are your chance to practice this process of thankfulness. We’re not talking about religion here, we’re talking about ACKNOWLEDGING and APPRECIATING great things that have happened to you recently, whether it be related to fitness, work, home life or anything else great that happened.

The first time, you’ll be very reluctant to post, and that’s okay.

‘Nobody wants to hear about my life’ is what you’ll tell yourself.

But what you may not realise, is that your bright spot might resonate with somebody else and lift them up a little. In turn, they may also share and so the uplifting circle of positivity continues.

Be genuine, be vulnerable. We’re a second family and we’re here for each other.

I’ll try to get in first on Fridays and I really encourage you to follow, even if it’s with a teeny tiny Bright Spot to begin with. It could be workout related, or maybe you made a big sale at work, it really doesn’t matter what your Bright Spot is.

And lastly, don’t worry if people don’t respond to your post, because I guarantee it will mean something to someone, even if they don’t say anything.

We’re all family here. It’s a safe place. Start your weekend with a smile.

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