The Secret to Losing Weight: Consistency, Not Perfection

For the sake of this article, we’ll use the terms ‘diet’ or ‘dieting’ to refer to the deliberate action of trying to restrict calorie intake for the purpose of weight maintenance or weight loss. Though we don’t like the word diet, we’re using it in this article because it’s a commonly used term in study write-ups.

Varying levels of consistency

These studies look at a few strategies which produce differing levels of consistency, and the vast majority of people will use one these strategies for their own weight loss/maintenance goals.

Which is most successful?

In one study [#2] “…results indicated that participants who reported a consistent diet across the week were 1.5 times more likely to maintain their weight within 5 lb over the subsequent year than participants who dieted more strictly on weekdays.

This also correlates to weight loss along with weight maintenance and is demonstrated in the image below, which shows one of the most common issues we see at HIT35.

For six days of the week, this person is eating 2000KCAL which is the weekly average intake required for them to lose fat (according to their height, weight, gender, activity levels etc.).

On Saturday when they are less strict about their diet, they actually consume 4000KCAL. Think take-aways, pub lunch, ice creams with the kids and a few glasses of wine.

This leads to the weekly average being 286KCAL OVER what the weekly average needs to be to lose fat. If this happens often, it doesn’t matter how consistent they were during the other six days, they still won’t lose fat.

There are numerous studies (best source), articles and opinions that look into the behaviours surrounding weight loss. Ultimately you MUST be consistent if you want to see good, sustained progress towards your goals.

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