Recent success stories

We want to share and celebrate the success of our clients who've had some amazing transformations with us. Follow along and listen to their stories - the chances are, they're just like you.

Mel's Story.

Our lovely Mel is an incredibly hard-working nurse who's been working her absolute socks off during the pandemic. She's always crazy busy but these last 1-2 years have been something else!

What's amazing is just how dedicated Mel has been with her training, through freezing cold snow, searing summer heat and long hours at work.

Click the link below to watch her story and hear about everything she's been up to since joining us.

Peter's Story.

In 2020 Peter realised that he needed to make some changes for the better. Peter is an avid water sports enthusiast, a great handy man often seen doing DIY bits for his local sailing club as well as being an assistant scout leader, all on top of his day job!

However, Peter found that his fitness levels were impairing his ability to enjoy the things he loves to do. So he decided to do something about it.

What did he do? Click the button below to find out.

Jas' Story.

Jas is probably just like you, a busy parent of two young children. But here's what makes her story a bit different ...

In 2020 Jas decided to switch careers from banking to starting her teacher training. For those of you who've gone through the process, you'll know how demanding this can be. To make things trickier, her husband spends a lot of time at a law firm in Hong Kong. For Jas, finding time to keep fit is hard!

How does she do it all? Click the button below to find out.