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Search – Gym Management Software

We’re excited to announce that we’re switching from Wellness Living to Calenda, a new gym management software that’s going to make your booking and payment experience a whole lot better.

What shoes should I wear?

So you’ve decided to get moving. Whatever type of physical activity or sport you’ve decided on, you’ll need to put something on your feet! What you put on your feet

Your Chance To Reflect On 2020

As human beings, we crave purpose. Purpose is what drives us and pushes us forward to achieving new goals. Get a high-paying job, own a new house, have a family

You CAN train in lockdown

Can You Train In Lockdown 2.0?

People all over the country are still asking, ‘Can I still train in Lockdown 2.0? How am I going to keep fit?’ …don’t worry, we’ve got your covered. Yes! You

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